Unique physical and chemical properties of water contribute

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You will be required to do a term paper on one of the topics listed below.

Discuss how the unique physical and chemical properties of water contribute to the importance of water for life on Earth to survive.

Discuss how the methods of experimentation and observation have changed throughout the history of science.

Explain the role so called "accidental" discoveries played in the history of science.

Describe the major experiments and scientists involved in the discovery of DNA as our hereditary material and its structure.

Explain what role women played in the Scientific Revolution of the 18th Century? What role do women in science play today?

Reference no: EM13859685

The hydrogen nuclei in the body are found mainly

The hydrogen nuclei in the body are found mainly in fat and water. The T2 value of fat was measured to be 200 ms and that of water to be 700 ms. In a spin-echo experiment, cal

Explain why the membrane potential between the axon

EXplain why the membrane potential between the axon hillock and axon either changed or did not change with subthreshold stimulus. Differences of 1.0 mV or less are not signifi

Locate a credible website

Select any disease or disorder of your choice. Locate a credible website (hint: government websites such as CDC or NIH, medical association websites such as American Lung Asso

Overweight patients have increased levels of ldl

A group of 10 overweight patients have increased levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Based on this limited information and using the scientific method: I. Dev

Evolutionary biologists have fretted

Since at least 1940, evolutionary biologists have fretted that modern life has relaxed selection against deleterious alleles in developed human societies, with potentially dir

Define inbreeding depression

9. (a) Define Inbreeding Depression  (b) Demonstrate via a worked example that Inbreeding Depression requires dominance (i.e., if there is no dominance, there is no inbreeding

Distinction between evolution and natural selection

Consider the distinction between evolution and natural selection.a) Under what circumstances can evolution occur in the absence of natural selection? Give two different exampl

Draw a double phospholipid bilaye

Draw a double phospholipid bilayer, such as that surrounding the nucleus, mitochondrion, & chloroplast , why is there an inter- membrane space when is a double membrane?


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