Unions have increased the use of a strike as their BATNA

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True or False: If a company has more than one warehouse in northern Florida and only the Jacksonville site is unionized, the company’s BATNA and bargaining power is greater than if only one warehouse exists.

True or False: Since the 1980s, unions have increased the use of a strike as their BATNA.

True or False: If you are picketing your employer for unilaterally changing the work hours and your neighbor is hired to replace you, when the strike is over, your neighbor may have the position instead of you but you will have priority over a brand new employee. 

True or False: If negotiations reach an impasse and such an impasse is not the result of an employer’s bad-faith negotiations, then an employer can unilaterally implement its last offer.

True or False: Labor negotiators generally prefer to use arbitration in resolving a contract negotiation impasse because then they can control the outcome of the process. 

True or False: Before a contract is officially accepted, the union negotiating team submits the agreement to its membership for approval.

True or False: If the union contract includes a wage increase, employees in the bargaining unit who have not joined the union receive the increase.

Reference no: EM13899645

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