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Provide an example of how critical thinking has changed your views on a recent major government or business issue related to government policy toward business. Using the characteristics of critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

1. taking nothing at face value

2. understanding that there are usually two sides to every major issue

3. understanding the framing of the issue (especially the choice of language) and its impact on decisions

4. evidence-based thinking

Some Rules for Critical Thinking

1. Are getting the whole truth? Is evidence supplied which supports the position? Is the evidence credible?

2. Is there another side to the argument?

3. Does the presenter have a vested interest in the information being given to you? [i.e. a special interest group]

4. Try to empathize with the other party.

5. Does the presenter have expertise in the area?

6. Is the information being framed in a particular way?

7. Consider all affected parties [i.e. winners and losers]

8. Who is the target audience and why?

9. How is the information displayed? Are there any distortions or biases [e.g., graph scales]?

10. Try to think systemically - what are the broader and longer-term implications of any proposals?

11. Are the views of all key players presented?

12. Be sceptical but not cynical

13. What are the implied decision-making criteria? Are there biases in the decision-making methods?

Reference no: EM131139922

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