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This final research paper must demonstrate an understanding of new learning in logistics management and how the supply chain supports the organization's business strategy. The paper must be eight- to- ten pages (not including the title and reference pages), integrating readings, multi-media and class assignments. It is mandatory to include research from the course text, as well as six- to- eight sources from the internet or online library to support your views.

In your eight- to- ten page research paper (not including the title and reference pages), you will describe both the business strategy and supply chain strategy for your organization, for a business unit of your organization, or for some other organization for which you have worked in the past and still retain contacts. Your research paper will analyze how this organization aligns its business strategy with its supply chain strategy and recommend strategy or tactics to improve strategic alignment based on scholarly resources and what you have learned in this course.

You are required to use non-course materials to support your contentions and incorporate supporting documentation to support your analysis. Use APA style and submit your proposal to the instructor by the last day of class.

Reference no: EM13744260

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