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AIU Aspects of Psychology 2206 Unit 5 Project

You have been hired as a consultant by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for a family-oriented theme park. The commercials will target family members at various life stages. You have decided that understanding Erikson's theory of psychosocial development will help you with this assignment. Your assessment will be used by the advertising firm to help in developing commercials targeting various developmental stages.
Your deliverable to the advertising firm will be a report of 2-3 pages with your research results. You will submit 1 Word document with the following information:

  • Describe the underlying principles of Erikson's theory.
  • Describe each stage of Erikson's theory.
  • Include in your description of each stage an analysis of a character that best represents that stage of life. The character can be from a television show, a movie, or a literary character from a book. You can also use a person that you know in your life, such as a friend or relative.
  • In each case, be sure to explain how the character represents the stage and how the character is doing at resolving the crisis.

Reference no: EM13784377

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