Uncertainity of weather conditions

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As an agronomist you have been approached by a large pepper farmer who wishes to determine an appropriate"yield goal" fot this season. He provides you with yield data for ten year period which indicates that his production has been slowly decreasing. weather forcast for the area were unavailable .

1) Explain the opportunity cost associated with lower input levels.

2) Explain the dilema associated with uncertainity of weather conditions. 200 -250 word limit.

Reference no: EM1383913

Stewardship and sustainable resource

Discuss stewardship and sustainable resource use, as well as the issues or potential problems. What are the environmental implications of deforestation in the Amazon? Define

Preference enhanced the survival of our ancestor''s genes

Professor McDonald believes that most women prefer tall and physically strong partners because this preference enhanced the survival of our ancestor's genes. This viewpoint be

Cross a purebreeding yellow-eyed male fly

You cross a purebreeding yellow-eyed male fly with a purebreeding red-eyed female fly. The resulting offspring are red. When you cross F1 males back to a pure-breeding yellow

Humanistic perspective and the sociocultural perspective

What sort of explanation for this behavior would the proponents of each perspective on abnormality provide: the medical perspective, the psychoanalytic perspective, the beha

Analysis essay on the play antigone by sophocles

I have 1250 word analysis essay on the play Antigone by Sophocles, I have clread created my draft. I just need it revised and edited according to some notes my professor add

Was the salesperson able to recover and change to power pose

Share an experience when you were able to detect the body language of a salesperson and that set the tone of the sale. What was the outcome? Was the salesperson able to reco

Preparing a comprehensive business plan

Tara Houser e-mails a colleague Dan Brothers to suggest that he be the lead writer in preparing a comprehensive business plan for the company. The task will be rather time-con

Is happiness acquired by learning or habituation

Aristotle, in Book 1 of his Nicomachean Ethics, introduces the following puzzle: "Is happiness acquired by learning, or habituation, or by some sort of other form of cultiva


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