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This assignment is based on the Udo, Marian, & Uduak Corporation (UMUC) Case Study. The focus will be on developing a C-level executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO) briefing on an IT best practice and a justification for implementation.

Your manager has assigned you to a workgroup to research the assigned IT best practice and develop a C-level executive briefing that will explain the practice, how other organizations have implemented the practice, and how the organization could benefit from adopting the practice. The deliverable is a C-level executive PowerPoint presentation. The topic to utilize:

Control Objectives for Information & Related Technology (CoBIT)

The Presentation (Deliverable)

The presentation is to be developed using Microsoft PowerPoint for delivery to the executive leadership team, and should be at a level appropriate for that purpose. Your presentation format should be professional and use frames, color and/or style to make it interesting in appearance to keep your audience's attention. Each slide should have a title and a limited number of bullet points. A presentation should capture key bullet points and not include complete paragraphs and detailed text. The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the Notes section of the slides. Use the Notes area to write what you would say if you were giving this as a presentation. Presentations with limited or no Notes will receive much lower grades.

The use of at least three (3) external resources (other than the textbook and classroom resources) is required; your sources should be scholarly sources, not Wikipedia and the popular press. Remember to correctly cite and reference your sources. Any direct quotes should be indicated within the slide text with appropriate quotation marks and an in-text citation (however direct quotes should be short and used sparingly, if at all). Complete references for all sources should be included in the corresponding Notes section. Paraphrased material can just be referenced within the Notes section of the slides without an in-text citation on the slide. This deviates from APA style but keeps the slides more readable.

Reference no: EM13750493

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