Typical towns in states with big plains like texas

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Typical towns in states with big plains like Texas need an elevated tank to supply tap water. Below there is a picture of a typical elevated tank. If we approximate the tank as a cylinder with a diameter of 50 ft and a height of 25 ft, answer the following questions: Bernoulli s Equation (12 . 1) and Conservation of Mass (6 . 1) 3. Finally, estimate the time to empty it if the mean flow velocity at the discharge pipe is governed by the formula derived in part 2 (see below). Again, the discharge pipe has a 12 in. pipe diameter and the water level is initially at 250 ft above ground and the water level is initially at 250 ft above ground. Note: The elevated tank empties at 225 ft.

Reference no: EM13709602

Compute the heat transfer-methane flows with the velocity

At a section where the diameter is 4 in, methane flows with the velocity of 50ft/s and a pressure of 85 psia. At a downstream section, where the diameter has increased to 6 in

Heat is transferred to the refrigerant

A 5.23 ft3 rigid tank contains saturated refrigerant-134a at 100 psia. Initially, 12 percent of the volume is occupied by liquid and the rest by vapor. A valve at the top of t

Determine the force in member cg of the loaded truss

Determine the force in member CG of the loaded truss, repeated here from Prob. 4/27. The four external reactions at A, B, E, and F are equal in magnitude and are directed pe

List possible objects in the new business

List possible objects in the new business, including their attributes and methods, and create a use case diagram that shows how an on-site service request would be handled.

Determine the coefficient of restitution between two balls

Two small balls, each of mass m = 0.2 kg, hang from strings of length L = 1.5 m. The left ball is released from rest with θ = -45?. As a result of the initial collision the

Balanced by counterweight equidistant from the fulcrum

The weight of a water tank open to the atmosphere is balanced by a counterweight equidistant from the fulcrum. There is a 4-cm hole at the bottom of the tank, and water level

Determine the temperature to which the city water must cool

if a recipe calls for mixing 2 kg of flour with 1kg of water, and the temperature of the city water is 15°c,determine the temperature to which the city water must be cooled

Determine the entropy generation for the pump

Saturated liquid water is compressed from 100 kPa (State 1) to 2.5 MPa (State 2) in an adiabatic pump having 85% isentropic efficiency. Calculate the specific work (kJ/kg) req


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