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Ashley and Ben have six children. Neither Ben nor Ashley have a health disorder. Two of their children have the disorder (both are male). Draw the appropriate pedigree.

Designate alleles for each individual, indicating what each allele means. Briefly discuss what type of inheritance pattern this is likely to be. Be sure to justify your answer.

Reference no: EM132280495

Define the right order in which procedures are carried out

Cutting DNA with restriction enzyme, hybridizing the DNA with probe, electrophoresis of DNA, blotting the DNA.define the right order in which procedures are carried out.

Prepare a case study for ophthalmology

Prepare a Case Study for Ophthalmology (The eye) and Otorhinolaryngology (The ear, nose, and throat) Using medical terminology, eponyms, and abbreviations (where appropriate

Molecule that changed the shape of red blood cells

Sickle-cell anemia is caused by an abnormal hemoglobin molecule that changed the shape of red blood cells. This disease can lead to various health complications that are oft

Why only eukaryotic cells found in multicellular organisms

Often, prokaryotic cells exist as simple unicellular organisms, but in some species, prokaryotic cells can grow together in colonies or filaments. In addition, some species,

Did a person find a way to acquire some

Did a person find a way to acquire some? Rocking the actual colorings of his or her ex - company, that boot arrives attired in a very Black higher having Freshwater in addit

What are the map distances for the three genes

What are the map distances for the three genes? A correct formula with the values "plugged in" for each distance will be sufficient. What is the coefficient of coincidence? A

What are the phenotype ratios of the offspring

You cross a curved-wing (c), brown-eyed (b) fly with a wildtype fly, and obtain all wildtype F1 offspring. You next perform a testcross between an F1 fly and a curved-wing/b

What are potential sources of dna from victims

How is DNA used in reference to processing unidentified remains? What are potential sources of DNA from victims? Why must the utmost care be exercised during the identificatio


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