Two large multispecialty medical groups

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Two large multispecialty medical groups have recently asked you to conduct audits using the BCG matrix. For the first group, your analysis reveals the following distribution of services: Cash cows-65%; stars-10%; problem children- 20%; dogs-5%. In the second group, the distribution is: Cash cows- 20%; stars-60%; problem children-15%; dogs-5%. Provide your analysis to each group

Reference no: EM131233403

Research three software programs for inventory management

In addition to funding sources, research three software programs for inventory management. These may be applications used on digital devices or full programs to download to yo

Explain the ritz-carlton philosophy

Explain the Ritz-Carlton philosophy of selecting employees to build their capabilities for pro cient strategy execution. How did the Ritz-Carlton get the “right kind” of emplo

What data would be used to support this metric

Develop a listing of what you believe are the most important metrics for operations managers. (Hint: Be sure to consider the triple bottom line.) How does each metric support

Make sure that design is properly integrated

There are several techniques used to make sure that design is properly integrated. Describe the two techniques that have been enabled by technology, and describe the technolog

Elements necessary to form legally enforceable contract

Identify and explain the elements necessary to form a legally enforceable contract and what is the responsibility of each party in deternining these elements and when would go

About the embodiment of globalization

What does it mean to talk about the embodiment of globalization? How do aspects of embodiment intersect? What is the value of intersectionality theory for understanding the co

Continuous improvement of a company

Assume that you have recently been hired as the director of continuous improvement of a company. You are an outside hire with limited history of the firm and personal capita

What is the reorder point and what is time between orders

A food processor uses approximately 28,000 glass jars a month for its fruit juice product. Because of storage limitations, a lot size (order quantity) of 4,000 jars has been u


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