Two companies are interested in purchasing the land

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Your company owns a large parcel of land in a neighboring city that you have no use anymore. Two companies are interested in purchasing the land. Company A has offered you $20,000 per year for 20 years for the land. Company B offers that in addition to the 20 equal $20,000 payments, it can pay an additional $10,000 six years from now and an additional $15,000 16 years from now, if you agree to delay the start of the 20 equal $20,000 payments until three years from the date of agreement. Which offer should you take, if the interest rate is 15% (compounded annually).

Reference no: EM13902880

Applied diversification strategy

Identify a company that has applied a diversification strategy. Was it related (concentric) or unrelated (conglomerate) diversification? Discuss what you think could have been

Required rate of return-the risk free rate

The book discusses the valuation of a commercial bank. Some of the factors that are discussed are the Required Rate of Return, the Risk Free Rate, and the Risk Premium. Who de

Franklin equipment case study

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. You are required to s

Discuss the statement that to manage effectively

Discuss the statement that to manage effectively, a person must have the authority to hire subordinates, assign them to specific jobs, and reward them on the basis of perfor

Which is a symptom of teams displaying group think

Of the following, which is a symptom of teams displaying group think? Decision by __________ is often done by providing a suggestion and then forcing quick agreement by challe

Scratch and deliver it effectively to the intended audience

The vice president (VP) of your company is fabulous at his job, but his speeches over the years have earned a reputation for being long and disorganized. You have been asked b

At which site should subway open the new restaurant

Subway, with more than 20,000 out lets in the U.S., is planning for a new restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Three locations are being considered. The following table gives the

What are nones and what do they believe

What are “Nones”? What do they believe? How do they characterize a growing trend in belief in the United States? Why do you think a majority of these individuals are coming fr


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