Traditional bases of segmentation

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"If you're not thinking segments, you're not thinking" (Levitt, 1986). Critically discuss the above statement and discuss whether the traditional bases of segmentation are still relevant for today's marketing managers seeking to influence consumer behaviour.

Reference no: EM13189741

Describe an information system that is used in organization

Describe an information system that is used in the organization. Explain how the information system is used within the organization What are the benefits of this information s

Convert legal environment of business class into honorcredit

Write three 5 page papers in order to convert my Legal and Ethical Environment of Business class into an honors credit. I have already written one and I am planning on writi

Define the concept of sustainable tourism development

Critically define the concept of sustainable tourism development Using relevant examples to illustrate your arguments, critically analyze the role of indicators to measure

Investigators processed crime scenes

How have investigators processed crime scenes without technological advancements? How has technology changed the nature and effectiveness of crime-scene processing and evidenc

Dealing with differnt stakeholder groups

Explain how ethics help managers determine the right way to behave when dealing with differnt stakeholder groups? Use Costco, General Electric, McDonald's and other businesses

Minorities and immigrants face a significantly

Do you think that minorities and immigrants face a significantly more difficult task than the average adolescent in our culture? - If so, it what ways is their task more dif

What are the normal versus abnormal findings

Children and adults often present with complaints of ear pain. Your differential diagnoses should include otitis media and otitis externa, in addition to other possibilities

Assume role of top management at a major global electronics

Have students assume the role of top management at a major global electronics company that is developing a wireless device capable of on-demand music and video downloads from


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