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1. Critically discuss the implications of more active middle class participation in social change efforts?

2. How was this demonstrated and exemplified in the US Occupy Movement?

3. How was this demonstrated and exemplified in the Iranian Revolution?

4. How are different sociological perspectives related to such examples, such as Institutionalism and the Marxist perspective?

I am using the following readings to understand this subject so any examples and evidence you can use from them would be greatly appreciated!

1. Putnam, Robert D. 1995. "Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital," Journal of Democracy 6/1:

2. Skocpol, Theda. 1999. "Advocates without Members: The Recent Transformation of American Civic Life"

3. Piven, Frances Fox and Richard A. Cloward. 2000. Why Americans still don't Vote.

4. de Leon, Cedric. 2008. "'No Bourgeois Mass Party, No Democracy': The Missing Link

5. Kurzman, Charles. 2004. The Unthinkable Revolution in Iran.

Reference no: EM1381405

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