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CheckPoint: Topic Outline and Working References List

Before you write your expository essay, you must organize your ideas. One way to organize content is by creating a formal outline. Normally, an outline organizes only the body of your paper. Although your thesis statement appears in your introduction when you write the expository essay, include the thesis at the top of your outline. That way, it is easier for you and for your instructor to check for alignment between the thesis and supporting ideas.

· Resources: Appendix D, Appendix E, Outlining Strategies, and the Center for Writing Excellence.

· Review the following sections on documenting sources in the Center for Writing Excellence:

o Click Tutorials and Guides.

o Scroll down to APA Information:

§ APA Reference and Citation Examples

§ Reference and Citation Generator

· Use Appendix D to create a topic outline for your expository essay.

· Use Appendix E to create a working references list.

· Post Appendix D and Appendix E as attachments.

Reference no: EM13207489

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