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A position statement, one paragraph in length, will be completed for the topic of Movement / Physical Education. The position statement is a reflection of your values, beliefs, and experience in movement and / physical education. Being only a paragraph in length, the position statement will serve as a foundation from which your philosophy statement will grow. Within this statement you should explain your idea of how you want to see movement / physical education in your classroom and school curriculum. You will have a main idea supported by a few objectives that will serve as the objectives for your philosophy statement. The question of "Why do children need movement education and physical education to stay in the curriculum?" should be answered as the main idea. Some topics to consider are as follows:

Integration of movement within the curriculum – how does this benefit children (Example of theorist to support - Gardener's Multiple Intelligences),

movement as a means of self expression,

benefits of movement for cognitive thinking,

Relationship of obesity and video games,

Too much seat time,

Teachers take away recess as punishment and

Boys vs. girls in how they learn.

Specific activity ideas for both the classroom environment AND ways that you will integrate movement throughout the curriculum must be included. A rubric will be completed by the student, for a self-evaluation, and handed in on the due date with the assignment.

Reference no: EM13138220

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