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The aim of this task is to challenge students with a real life situation, and to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the covered topics

Description:In 2000 words, summarise and analyseat least 6 scholarly sources on the topic of CSR and Ecological Environment.

The Literature Review should be based on scholarly articles written on the topic between 2008 and 2014. In your review you need to distinguish between different trends in the area of CSR and Ecology and discuss their strength and weaknesses. The literature review should contain a short introduction (1 paragraph), the summery and analysis of the 6 articles (the body) and a conclusion. The literature review has to be fully referenced in the Harvard Style (both in the text as well as with the reference list at the end of the assignment).

Find at least 6 different sources and ask yourself:

- Is it an empirical report, a theoretical study, a sociological or political account, a historical overview, etc? What is its theoretical basis?

- What definitions does it use?

- What kinds of data does it use to back up its argument?

- What conclusions does it come to?

Write the literature Review:

The introduction should include:

- the scope of the topic (what does it include and exclude)?

- The basis for your selection of the literature (why did you choose the 6 particular sources)

The body of the literature review should discuss:

- current approaches tothe topic of CSR in ecological environment or Community and CSR

- definitions in use

- current discoveries about the topic

- principal questions that are being asked

- general conclusions that are being drawn

- methodologies and methods in use 

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Reference no: EM13739373

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