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For this assignment, you will be creating a storyboard for your final course project. By now, you should have selected a topic for your web site, and given some thought to your design. Perhaps you have already started working on creating your pages! The storyboard will help you to formalize your plan. If you need to, return to the previous unit to review storyboarding.

You may create your storyboard using Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint or Word. If you want to use a different program, check with your instructor first.

When you have completed this assignment, follow the instructions shown below to upload your storyboard file.

Upload Instructions:

Select the Add Submission button below. Click Add, located in the top left hand corner of the File Submission box. The File Picker window will appear. Click Upload a file and then select the Browse button. Navigate to your file location. Once the file is located, select it and then select the Openbutton, the Upload this file button, and then the Save changes button. Click Submit Assignment to complete the upload process. Select Send for marking.

Reference no: EM13962699

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