To preserve the right to sue for breach of warranty

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1. When Ben Buyer wrongfully repudiated his contract with Sam Seller, Sam had to pay a cancellation fee to the shipper and incurred costs to store and to restock the goods. Sam can recover these costs from the buyer as ______________ damages.





2. To preserve the right to sue for breach of warranty, a consumer buyer must notify the seller of the products defect within

30 days of discovering the defect

60 days of suffering a personal injury

90 days of determining the amount of consequential damages

A reasonable time, this, is liberally interpreted in the consumer's favor by the courts.

3. You will likely have an advantage in job interviews and other employment opportunities if you take time to improve your interpersonal skills because many of your peers are allowing these skills to deteriorate.

True or false

4. The traditional doctrine that only the parties to a contract can sue over the contract is __________ of contract.





Reference no: EM132184690

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