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1. When an owner of a business uses real personal assets rather than borrowing funds from outside sources to get started in the new business, it is referred to as ____.

a) debt financing

b) bootlegging

c) amortization

d) equity financing

e) debt servicing

2. Angela, a fresh graduate, wants to start a boutique that sells tailor-made garments and accessories. She plans to open her stores in three different malls and employ about 30 people in total. To gain financial and managerial assistance, which of the following agencies should Angela approach?

a) World Trade Organization (WTO)

b) Consumer Product Safety Commission

c) Securities and Exchange Commission

d) Small Business Administration (SBA)

e) Bureau of International Labor Affairs

3. Which of the following is an advantage of a small business?

a) Small businesses have an extremely low failure rate

b) Small businesses give freedom and flexibility to the owners

c) Small business owners do not need to multitask

d) Small businesses are adequately equipped to cope with growth

Reference no: EM131002299

Current equilibrium price for personal computers

Assuming the most typical shapes of the demand and supply curves, which of the following could lead to an increase in the current equilibrium price for personal computers?

Low income level and high poverty incidence

What strategies should Walmart follow to succeed in a market like Africa with its low income level and high poverty incidence? Do you think its low-cost model will be successf

Solve the cash flow diagram for future value

Draw and solve The Cash Flow Diagram for Future Value “F”. This is a 10 year Cash Flow, and interest rate is a compounded 7%). $11,000.00 is Invested Today for a piece of test

Draw the demand and marginal cost curves

The market for gilders is initially competitive and the market demand is: P=315- 0.6QD . The combined marginal costs of the firms in the gilder industry are: MC= 9+ 0.3Q. Draw

According to the neoclassical counterrevolution theories

According to the Neoclassical Counterrevolution theories, which is the main reason for underdevelopment? According to the Solow growth which is the source of long-term economi

Each job using each individuals discount rates

Dwight and James are looking at these 2 jobs and will make choices. Job B looks more attractive by using simple arithmetic in a static world; but since these will occur in dif

Relative capital abundant country

Given that China is a relative labor abundant country and Taiwan is a relative capital abundant country. According to the Heckscher-Ohlin Model, China should export labor inte

Taking into consideration the global ramifications

Monetary policy in the US, especially the desire to increase interest rates at some time soon, will have international repercussions. One of these will be to strengthen an alr


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