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Job Title: Supervisory Medical Administrative Specialist



In the Patient Access Center (PAC); the Supervisory Medical Administrative Specialist maintains responsibility for

· participates with the Assistant Chief, Health Administration Service and his/her management staff in planning, implementing, and evaluating all programs relative to the inpatient administration and processing, including systems analysis, monitoring of performance improvement, space utilization, and equipment management.

· identifies, coordinates, and conducts training in leadership, work management, performance evaluation, eligibility, appointment scheduling, medical records processing, workload data entry and reporting, and other related patient administration activities.

· reviews recommendations for incentive awards, promotions, reassignments, and separations of employees assigned to the section; integrates and coordinates the work for the units within the section to ensure that required reporting deadlines are met.

· assigns staff to achieve optimum patient care, taking into consideration abilities of staff members. Plans employee duty schedules and certifies their time and attendance. Develops performance plans and standards that are realistic, challenging, and relate whenever possible to organizational goals and objectives. Effectively manages the performance appraisal process; coordinates leave requests to ensure maximum coverage of assigned areas. Coordinates with appropriate staff to assure formal orientation and training programs are developed and carried out as required.

· coordinates various assigned functions with other Health Administration Service management staff as well as other services with the system. Ensures efficiency of operations and advises staff of various resources available to meet their needs.

· serves as liaison officer between Health Administration Service and the professional staff, which includes but is not limited to: Nursing, Medical Service, OCL, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Neurology, etc. concerning Ward administration activities and coordinates changes as appropriate; coordinates work among subordinate staff within the section and other services (e.g., Nursing, clinical bed and ancillary services).

· maintains access to printed and electronic files containing sensitive information, which must be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

· maintains responsibility for (1) protecting that information from unauthorized disclosure or from loss, alteration, or unauthorized deletion, and (2) following applicable regulations and instructions regarding access to computerized files, release of access codes, etc. Supervises the use of computer equipment in assigned areas; assures that subordinates receive appropriate orientation and training before operating computer equipment; evaluates training needs on an ongoing basis. Provides additional training, as necessary, e.g., new employees, refresher training to Jong-term employees, etc.

· maintains responsibility for supervising administrative staff on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis. This includes interview and selections for vacant positions, leave approval, providing coverage in the scheduled absence of employees, evaluating work performance, and initiating independent action for emergency coverage.

· advises and interprets directives and procedures which have broad implication or involve intra- and/or inter-service application; provides assistance by participation in resolving atypical or complex problems that require cooperative action. Is responsible for the study, interpretation, adaptation, and application of existing and new regulations and procedures, and for reviewing the work of subordinates to determine whether work produced or decisions made are consistent with established directives; maintains responsibility for evaluating accomplishment toward the mission and goals of the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center where program responsibility has been delegated; analyzes operational problems in terms of quality and efficiency, recommends, and initiates corrective action. Plays a critical support role in developing and coordinating internal review systems to assure that administrative support activities are in compliance with agency, accreditation (JC) and regulatory requirements.

· Serves as the point of contact on all matters relating to VISTA core packages (ADT Admission/Discharge/Transfer) as they relate to the Inpatient Administration section.

· Performs all other duties as assigned.

Put the competency in essay format Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Health Administration and Post Grad Doctoral in Health Administration-all course work completed in dissertation phase. I have 3 years of experience

Competency1 - Knowledge of VA and medical center policies for patient ward administration regulations, directive and guidelines and other procedural policies governing ward administration to ensure proper management..

Competency2 - Knowledge of software to include operations of the Emergency Department Integration Software (EDIS), the OR Control Board (ORC), the Bed Management System (BMS), Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)and VISTA core packages (ADT-Admissions/Discharge/Transfers) and ACD lines

Competency3 - Ability to direct, interpret and implement current and new procedures, resolve procedural problems, observe results and conduct studies necessary to improve the quality and quantity of the end product.

Competency4 - Knowledge and ability to gather, assemble and analyze data, recognize problems, propose solutions and prepare written and oral responses.

Competency5 - Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing, to a wide variety of people (administrative personnel, line supervisors, service chiefs, top management) from various educational and socioeconomic backgrounds utilizing various communication mediums; initiate and lead groups and to establish relationships with professional and/or other health-related groups.

Reference no: EM13899016

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