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Assume you click on a link within your browser to get a Web page. The IP address for the associated URL is not cached in your local host, so a DNS look-up is necessary to obtain the IP address. Assume that n DNS servers are visited before your host receives the IP address from DNS; the successive visits incur an RTT of RTT1, RTT2 ... RTTn.

Further suppose that two images, sized 100KB and 80KB respectively, are embedded in the Web page associated with the link, while the size of the Web page is 4KB. Let RTT0 denote the RTT between the local host and the server containing the object, and let R denote the average end-to-end transmission rate between your computer and the Web server.

How much time elapses from when the client clicks on the link until the client receives both the Web page and the two images?


Reference no: EM1380944

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