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We have learned that adolescence is a time of transition between childhood and adulthood. A critical milestone of this stage is the ability to successfully achieve a sense of identity. Around the world, there are different rites of passage to mark the transition to adulthood. In the United States, this might include obtaining a driver's license, landing one's first job, senior prom, or high school graduation. In this assignment, we will explore the role that family and society play in the development of the individual's sense of self.

Create two documents for parents of minority teens 1) A 9-12-slide PowerPoint presentation (complete with speaker's notes) and 2) an accompanying 1-2-page handout/flier in Word document or PDF format. Be sure that both illustrate the following:

  • Describe common rites of passage from two cultures around the world and compare them to a common American rite of passage. Possible resources might includeNational Geographic and the Argosy University Online Library.
  • Compare and contrast these rites to common US rites of passage. Do they coincide with the physical, cognitive, or socioemotional changes taking place at this age? Describe which specific changes (physical, cognitive, or socioemotional) they coincide with. Does this explain their importance in a particular culture?
  • How might such a social ritual, such as a rite of passage, influence the identity formation process of adolescents?
  • In light of Erikson and Marcia's theories, discuss how the process of identity development is affected when the adolescent belongs to a minority group (racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious). Be sure to explain these theories and how they apply to identity development.
  • Summarize research from at least two peer-reviewed* studies on the effect of minority status on identity development, ensuring you describe the main findings of the study as well as the research methods used to study the topic.
  • Apply the information you gathered from the online notes, textbook, and research articles to provide at least three practical recommendations for what the family, school, and community can do to ease the process for adolescents.

Reference no: EM13779537

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