Thucydides versus plato on the nature of the good life
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Write two essays on below topics.

Write a 750-word paper about Thucydides versus Plato on the nature of the Good Life. Some have claimed that Thucydides is making empirical claims, whereas Plato is making normative claims. Is that true? Support your answer in your paper.

Write a 750-word paper on the biblical view of science, technology, and the business world. Back up your conclusions with examples from your reading. How do you think the eighteenth-century world that gave rise to the Utilitarians reacted to the biblical view?

Prepare MS word document with answering both Essay questions, 750 each and 1500 altogather. Please make proper referencing for essays.

Words Limit (Minimum): 1200

Words Limit: (MAximum): 1600

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Plato and Thucydides together had strikingly dissimilar views on their tactic on the good life. Approximately have demanded that Plato is making normative rights, whereas Thucydides is creation empirical claims. Let's twitch by captivating a look at Plato.

Plato's philosophy on the decent life was based on the confidence that all has an objective or use that is classically suited for asset, beauty, fairness, and excellence of the exact thing, and all will depend on the conclusion of that role. He reflects the decent life as being reached finished the flawless love and lack of wish.

Plato opinions the good lifetime as the disorder a person exhibits entire virtue. Virtue inclines to come after the nonappearance of desires, or prospects, so true contentment means being satisfied to the opinion one doesn’t have needs. He’s persuaded that everyone has the control to be virtuous.

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