Three different methods of allocating scarce resources

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Describe three different methods of allocating scarce resources.

Explain how these allocation methods may affect quantity demanded, equilibrium price, and quantity supplied.

Are these allocation methods more or less efficient than other methods?

Explain your arguments using relevant course material and personal experience.

Reference no: EM131164481

Do you consider important to our overall economic health

do you consider important to our overall economic health and are things getting better or worse? Please use real-world facts (i.e. statistics) to back up your answer.

What circumstances would monopolistic firm

Under what circumstances would a monopolistic firm be economically more efficient than a group of small, competitive firms? If there are such monopolies, what are the drawback

What was the average annual growth of the price level

In 1947 in the United States, nominal GDP was $237 billion and real GDP was $1,771 billion in 2005 dollars. In 2011, nominal GDP was $14,869 billion and real GDP was $13,228 b

Producer of calculators

You are a producer of calculators. In the market for calculators, two events happened simultaneously last month. There was a fire at your calculator factory that eliminated

Vtax structure is likely to yield socially efficientquantity

People in a community are voting on how much of a public good should be provided. Assuming that each person casts a truthful vote, which tax structure is most likely to yield

Fundamental economic concepts

Consider the following statement by Charles Wheelan, author of the Naked Economist: “The problem with Asian sweatshops is that there are not enough of them.” How is Wheelan’s

Banks use the channel system for targeting interest rates

In 2008, Poland was forced to devalue its currency against the Euro. Which of the following groups was most damaged? Which of the following central banks use(s) the channel sy

Shopping for a new car

Stan Money maker has been shopping for a new car. He is interested in a certain 4-cylinder sedan that averages 28mpg. But the sales-person tried to persuade Stan that the 6-cy


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