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Assignment: Theory and models

In this assignment, you will articulate a theory and model of a program or intervention, including identification of the key variables and relationships. Prepare this assignment in the form of a memo (with attachments) to a funder or decision maker with an interest in the program and a commitment to studying it.

The program can be a federal, state, or local government program or a program or intervention run by a nonprofit or international organization. Be sure to pick a focused, concrete program -- preferably one about which you have some background knowledge. Use press releases, the newspapers, or other sources to find a good description of the program, its activities and its goals.

Specifically, this assignment involves the following steps:

1. Identify and obtain information on a program in your field or of general interest to you. You may choose a program you work with directly or indirectly, or search for information about a program in your field using the Internet or other sources. Include in your memo a brief written description of the program (about half a page in length) as well as attach a copy of a published description of the program (preferably not more than a page or two in length, such as a press release, newspaper article, or web page).

2. Create a path (logic) model representing the key variables (circles) and relationships (arrows) implied by the program description. Your model should include at least four variables and probably not more than 6 or 7. (The idea of a path model is explained in Remler & Van Ryzin and will be illustrated in class.) Indicate the direction of each of the relationships in your model (+ or -). Attach your path model to the memo.

3. Include in your memo a paragraph explaining your model in words. Be sure to identify the main independent and dependent variables in the model, and explain the key causal mechanisms. Discuss any weak links you see in the model (that is, any problems there might be in the causal logic of the program).

4. Finally, suggest some sources of data you could use, or observations (measurements) you might gather, to test your model empirically.

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Reference no: EM13924295

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