Theoretical and practical background of management

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Management plays a significant role in how business operates. The diversity of approaches to the theoretical and practical background of management has come up with several versions of what is meant by such key words as management and organization. The academia views expressed in relation to management theories take a different role than that prescribed to managers. There has not been any concrete definition of management even though the classic definition of Henri fayol still remains in contention to be the preferred choice after eighty years. In the context of what is required I would like to elaborate on the following journals. Lemak (2004) explains clearly the path through the management jungle and how entangled theories have brought about conflict and confusion. It recommends using management discipline rather than trying to meander our way through the jungle of numerous theories and "schools of thought". Although the school of thought were interesting it has not been given much attention in our modern and sophisticated managerial world. This approach was set by Koontz and it clarifies the discipline of management. Culture is more than just a word; it embodies several ideas: Culture refers to the perspectives, practices and products of a social or professional group. An organization's culture holds within it, its integrity, its ethics, its personality and attitude. Organizational culture is the invisible billboard and silent announcement proclaiming its rules of engagement. Culture is a group's particular ideas about authority, hierarchy and communication styles.


Reference no: EM131325743

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