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Simon Klean began an apartment-cleaning business on October 1 and engaged in the following transactions during the month. OCT. 1 Began business by depositing $6,000 in a bank account in the name of business from a personal savings account Oct. 2 Ordered cleaning supplies, $500 Oct. 3 Purchased cleaning equipment for cash, $1,400 OCT. 4 leased a van by making two months lease payments in advance, $600 Oct.7 Received cleaning supplies ordered on Oct.2 and agreed to pay half of the amount in 10 days and the rest in 30 days. Oct. 9 Paid for repairs on the van with cash, $40 Oct. 12 Received cash for cleaning apartments, $480 Oct.17 Paid half the amount owed on supplies that were purchased on October 7, $250 Oct. 21 Billed customers for cleaning apartments, $670 Oct. 24 Paid cash for additional repairs on van, $40 Oct. 27 Received $300 from customers billed on October 21 Oct.31 Paid personal drawn the amount of $350 Objectives 1. set up t accounts and record the transactions to the accounts 2. Prepare journal entries for the transactions 3. Prepare a trial balance for Klean Sweep company as of October 31, 1895.

Reference no: EM13320320

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