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A company has the following forecast demand for the next 6 months:

month 1: demand =300

month 2: demand= 300

month 3 demand = 400

month 4: demand = 500

month 5: demand =300

month 6: demand = 400

Suppose inventory, stock outs, overtime and subcontract in aren't allowed. Only hiring and layoffs are allowed to respond to fluctuations. There are currently 20 workers on payroll. This info is also available:

workdays/month = 20

labor hours/unit= 16

working time/day = 8

hiring cost/worker= $50

layoff cost/worker= $100

The total cost of hiring and layoff during the 6 month period will be?

a) $1000

b) $2000

c) $3000

d) $ 4000


e) $5000

Reference no: EM13898963

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