The role of innovation within the paradigm

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1. Briefly explain the EBP paradigm and the role of innovation within the paradigm.

2. List and discuss the seven (7) steps of the EBP paradigm.

3. List and describe the five (5) types of PICOT questions and give a template example of each type.

4. Box 7-3 discusses the seven (7) levels of “evidence for intervention clinical questions.”  List and discuss each of these levels.

5. Sources of internal evidence can be located in many areas of the organization. What or where are eight (8) of the most common areas discussed in Chapter 7?   

6. Briefly, how do you create a culture to implement and sustain EBP innovations in healthcare settings?

7. What are the six key components of the EBP mentor role as defined by the ARCC model?

8. What topic or concept did you find most interesting in Chapter 7?  Why was this area most interesting to you?

Reference no: EM131032164

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