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The admissions office at a Business School for the purposes of making an informed decision whether or not to admit a student wishes to predict a student's performance from their available data. A student's performance will be measured by RANKPCT, which is a percentile ranking of student's Grade Point Average (GPA) on graduation. The admissions office has data on the students from the past few batches and this is in the file Admit.xlsx Other than RANKPCT, their available data are QGMAT: score on the quantitative part of the GMAT VGMAT:

score on the verbal part of the GMAT UGPA:

undergraduate GPA ESSAY: ratings of the student's essay LETRAT: ratings of a student's letter of reference GENDER: Indicator variable that equals 0 if the student is male, 1 if female. [Please note that we have yet not studied ‘indicator variables' in class so please do not worry about the interpretation of this variable and its coefficient, simply treat it as any other variable]

Reference no: EM131123239

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