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Topic: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a number of different provisions related to pay for performance. These strategies are directed at different types of providers within the health care system. Original Post Do some research and select ONE pay for performance strategy mandated by the ACA for your post this week. Your post should include: 1) a description of the pay for performance strategy; 2) the type of provider it applies to; and 3) a discussion of the positive or negative issues that have been raised regarding that strategy.

Reference no: EM13269067

Comparing the us-germany and japan

Develop a 250-300 word post addressing the following question. Comparing the U.S., Germany, and Japan, what is the right amount of "welfare" a country should have?

Describes some of the essential dynamics of the disorder

Explain how a phobia can be classically conditioned. Explain how such classical conditioning can “evolve” to operant conditioning. Use proper classical and operant-condition

Different individuals regarding their positions in society

Interview two different individuals regarding their positions in society. Analyze their responses regarding: Identify each person’s class, race, and gender, supporting your w

Create a diagram depicting the key criminal justice

Create a diagram depicting the key criminal justice agencies at the federal, state and local levels - identify the agencies involved at each point in the criminal justice sys

What scripture says regarding these particular elements

Analyze 4 common elements in most human disturbance according to Kelly (threat, fear, anxiety also guilt). Compare each of se constructs with what Scripture says regarding t

Coping with terrorism

Coping with Terrorism" Please respond to the following: Is the United States making progress in reducing or preventing terrorism? Explain your answer. If the United States is

Different view on mcdonalds approach to rest breaks

A different view on McDonalds approach to Rest breaks, from the Union representing a changes to the law applying to rest breaks:

What transpired afterwards be described as inappropriate

Stacey has worked for lawyer Larry for the last five years in his home office. Stacey does everything for Larry - receptionist, bookkeeper, secretary, paralegal, coffee girl


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