The net present worth for the project will be

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If the initial investment in a project will cost $50,000 with expected benefits of $15,000 a year for 8 years, using 15% MARR per year. The net present worth for the project will be?

Reference no: EM13800414

Present value of each of these income streams

You’re 20 years old, and you’re trying to decide which career path to take based on the future expected streams of income. Occupation A has you earning $15,000 for 5 years, th

What saving rate would yield golden-rule level of capital

Consider an economy in which production characterized by the neoclassical function Y=K^.5N^.5. Suppose, again, that it has a saving rate of .1, a population growth rate of .02

Economic efficiency of possibility-perfect competition

The industry demand curve for a particular market is: Q = 1,800 - 200P. The industry exhibits constant long run average cost at all levels of output, regardless of the market

Research one case of trade restriction-implemented by nation

Research one case of trade restriction, implemented by any nation. Research your topic, using at least 2 sources, and write a brief report (approximately 2 pages) on your find

Business operations of multi-national enterprise

As a political risk analyst, you have been asked to prepare a short report detailing the possible consequences to business operations of a multi-national enterprise (MNE) work

Identify the consequences of a strong dollar

Can you identify the consequences of a strong dollar or a weak dollar in the United States? Which direction do you prefer for the overall health of the American economy should

Find the socially optimal equilibrium price and quantity

You have been hired by the town of Bedford, Ohio, to conduct an analysis of ongoing operations by a local Coca Cola bottler. A study by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agenc

Either buy wine or pay for female companions

Tyrion can either buy wine or pay for female companions. Wine costs 10 gold dragons and female companions cost 100 gold dragons. When all of his income is spent, Tyrion figure


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