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1. An Introduction to International Business and Multinational Corporation

1. Why has international business become so important in today’s environment?

2. What factors makes international business more complex than conducting domestic businesses?

3. How can increases in world trade affect the owners of small businesses in your hometown?

Chapter Two The Nature of International Business

4. Which factors should a firm consider before it decides to conduct business internationally?

5. When might a corporation go international using a joint venture approach rather than a wholly owned subsidiary approach? Give an example.

6. Discuss the methods governments use to protect their domestic business environments.

3. Theories of Trade and Economic Development

7. What are the fallacies of the theory of mercantilism?

8. Discuss the differences between a free-market economy and a centrally planned economy. What type of economy exists in Japan?

9. Select a country from the first world and the third world and compare the following elements. What do you find similar/different?

Country xxx

Country yyy

Your Findings: Similar or Different?

GNP per capita

Annual export levels

Life expectancy

Literacy rates

Energy consumption levels

4. International Monetary System and the Balance of Payments

10. What is the difference between a hard currency and a soft currency?

11. Describe the Bretton Woods Agreement. What position did gold hold in this system?

12. Outline the structure of the International Monetary Fund. What are its aims? What is conditionality?

Reference no: EM132234587

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