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According to Frank Langella’s, essay “The Monsters in my Head,” he illustrates a time when his son struggles with his monster in his room. First, Langella goes into the bedroom and has a pretend fight with the imaginary monster and defeats him. Langella realizes that his first strategy didn’t work so he tells his son that he won’t fight the monster. Instead, he tells his son that the monster is “his monster.” As Langella grows older, he realizes that his monsters changes from “a man wrapped in grayish mummy, a wild bear at the foot of my bed, then, an amorphous flying object swooping” and shapeless objects to real fears; “first day of school, storms, needles, losing in sports, failure, diving board, death, first dates, sexual fears, and grades. Once he thought his monsters were gone, they were replaced by real fears symbolized by imaginary fears. In Langella’s article, he describes two strategies; after his first strategy fails to solve the problem, he uses his second strategy to overcome son’s fear and gets the desired result.

Body (1) The author, Frank Langella, describes his own personal experience with “monsters” and make connection his son’s story of monsters. My personal experience of having such fears in life is similar to what Langella had to go through in order to defeat his own fears. Ever since I heard the story of a 12 years old kid who psychologically encountered with ghost, I couldn’t sleep well enough. The story begins: There is a 12 years old kid in the home. He lives with his parents. He is at home alone because of parent’s work. When the phone rings, he can’t answer it since he was playing play station in his room. When he gets tired of playing play station, he thoughtlessly holds up his cellphone and there is a missed call. He dials up to that number to check who called him earlier. When the bell rings at his house, he realizes that nobody is at home and he is by himself but no one else. With such superstitious fears of cell phone ghost and its effects on my life, I was only limiting myself within that range. Just as Frank Langella uses his second strategy “monster in his head, and turn him into a friendly monster” to defeat his son’s monster, my fears of cell phone ghost were in my control whenever I wanted to, and whenever I thought about the story, I had to listen to soothing music to control my mind and get ready for next challenges. Frank Langella is right that no one can defeat his own fears but I believe that it’s hardly from individual’s determination that can overcome his monsters but other sources, outside of individuals limits, help individual to manage his own hears such as listening to music and rock climbing.

Please do your best making corrections on my essay.

(According to Frank Langella, in his essay “The Monsters in my Head,” what are the “monsters” in his head (and in ours) and how do they change as we grow older? What do you think of his strategies for dealing with them?Be sure to support your position with specific details taken from your own experiences, including your observations of other, the media, and your reading)

Reference no: EM13147182

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