The marginal cost is a constant

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If the marginal cost is a constant of 6, would that mean it is an economy of scale or diseconomy? My first thought was that it would be a diseconomy since I thought MC needed to approach zero for very large quantitities.

Reference no: EM13734499

What are supply side reforms

What are supply side reforms? Identify the main supply-side policies and with the use of examples, explain and illustrate their effects on the maximum output capacity in the C

Find the money multiplier and find the total capital stock

Consider an economy in which people wish to hold bank checking deposits worth a total of 5 million goods and currency worth 2 million goods in every period. In addition there

Economic reasons that led to this shutdown

Between October 1st and October 16th, 2013; the United States experienced partial Government Shutdown. In your view, what were the economic reasons that led to this shutdown?

Identify the areas of consumers surplus and producer surplus

Draw a supply and demand graph and identify the areas of consumers surplus and producer surplus. Given the demand curve, what impact will an increase in supply have on the amo

Encrypted using the elgamal public key cryptosystem

Suppose that an oracle offers to solve the Diffie–Hellman problem for you. Explain how you can use the oracle to decrypt messages that have been encrypted using the ElGamal pu

How did this omission hamper us economic growth

A Post Office is set up in the Constitution but no Central Bank was. Why didn't the founders of the US who wrote the Constitution include a bank? How did this omission hamp

Common perceptions of health outcomes-social inequalities

What is international health? What are the 3 common perceptions of health outcomes and social inequalities? What is the Social Gradient? What is the term for good stress? How

Which good is exported and which good imported

Consider the specific factors model we discuss in class. Suppose that when the Home country opens up to trade, the price of the M good relative to the A good decreases. In our


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