The knight in rusty armor

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The Knight in Rusty Armor
The characters in the novel, The Knight in Rusty Armor, help the knight as he goes through many different events. They support him and help him through hard times. Life has many obstacles and you must look deep within yourself to understand the meaning and purpose of each one. Each one of the characters throughout the novel had an impact on the knight's life. The main characters were the knight's wife and son, Merlin, the squirrel, the pigeon, and Sam. The knight's wife, Juliet, and son, Christopher, are important to the theme of the novel because they are the reason that the knight wanted to change. In the beginning, the knight wants to change to make them happy, but then realized that he needed to be happy too. He comes to accept the fact that he had been selfish for many years trying to hide from many things and most importantly, himself. While in the Castle of Silence, he realizes, "Juliet must have felt very lonely talking to a man encased in steel- as lonely as he felt sitting in this tomblike room" (Fisher 39). Merlin, the magician, is the one who directs the knight on to the path of truth. He gets the knight started out on the journey and helps him realize what he needs to do to change and help himself. Merlin points out to the knight that he is in full control, although it doesn't seem like it. "'Ah,' said Merlin, 'you were not born with that armor. You put it on yourself. Have you ever asked yourself why?'" (Fisher 14). After Merlin made that statement, the knight came to realize that he was right. The squirrel and the pidgeon were a definite asset to the knight along with many other animals. The squirrel and the pidgeon followed the knight throughout his journey, but the other animals helped him from the beginning. "Each squirrel climbed up onto the knight's shoulder, cracked and chewed a nut, then pushed the pieces through the knight's visor. The rabbits did the same thing with carrots, and the deer crushed roots and berries for the knight to eat." (Pg. 15) These animals made it possible for the knight to get at least some kind of food. Squirrel, the squirrel that followed him throughout his journey, fed him every day and made it possible for him to gain strength back. The pidgeon helped with direction and company. Rebecca, the pidgeon, also acted as a messenger delivering letters between the knight and his family. Having Rebecca and Squirrel with him on his journey helped him in many ways. Sam was one that had always been with the knight, he just never knew it. "I've been around for years," replied the voice,"but this is the first time that you've been quiet enough to hear me."" (Pg. 40) Sam is the knight's subconscious voice. The knight felt proud when he had come that far to be able to talk and listen to Sam. At first the knight thought it was a joke, but when he got out of the castle of silence and asked Merlin, he realized that it was true.

Reference no: EM13147195

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