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Case Study - The "Holt Lunsford Commercial" Case

Read the "Holt Lunsford" case study and answer the below questions.

You are required to write at least 3 pages (font: 12; line spacing: 2).

- Based on the information provided in the case study, do you recommend Staton Tees to remain in the Welch building, irrespective of financing method, or relocate to a newly built facility in a different location? Discuss your rationale based on considerations, for example, with regard to the long-term strategy, operational needs of the firm and property market conditions.

- Assuming thatStaton Tees decides to remain in the Welch building, which financing method should they choose? To make your recommendations, discuss

1) Strategic considerations with regard to the financing options.

2) Financial considerations by conducting a DCF for each financing option.
- For the DCF, use the information provided in the case study and conduct a lease vs. buy analysis on a after-tax basis and using the Income Statement approach. Please feel free to make assumptions if needed (e.g. regarding the roof replacement).

Business Assumptions:
- Sales: In 2012, Staton's sales were $223million. Over the next 5 years, sales are expected to increase by 5% per year and then increase by 3% for the next 5 years.
- Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): Cost of goods sold are expected to remain at 40% of total sales for the next 10 years.
- Business expenses: Non-real estate business expenses are expected to be 11.5% of total sales for the next 10 years.
- Income tax: The corporate income tax for Staton is 35%. Capital gains tax is 15%.
- Discount rate: Staton requires a return of 15% (after tax).

Lease option:
- Assume a 10-year NNN lease with occupancy cost of $4.5 per SF ($3/SF rent; operating expenses of $1.5/SF) and a 3% inflation adjustment every 3 years.
Buy option:
- Assume a purchase price of $4,048,300. The building value represents 80% of the purchase price and a straight-line depreciation over 39 years should be used.
- The operating expenses per SF are the same as for the lease option.
- Assume that Staton is not interested in full recourse short-term debt financing option and decides to finance the acquisition with a 75% LTV mortgage at 5% for 25 years (monthly compounding, fully amortizing). Assume no closing costs.
- The firm expects to sell the building in year 10. The sales price for the building is expected to be $5,985,000 in year 10. Assume no selling costs.

Case reference - holt lunsford commercial by Arthur I SEGEL and JOHN H. VOGEL

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

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This is a short assignment which requires an excel calculation of two aspect lease and rent to define the fact that how the NPV is being estimated. Purely an excel assignment which helps in understanding how calculations can be justified in excel format.

Reference no: EM132184238

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Please note, I only need some corrections made to my spreadsheet. Please see the markups written in Red from my Professor. For example, adjustments made to Operations Expenses, Depreciation Formula, and WACC and Discounted Cash Flow for Buy vs. Lease Options to name a few. Since I only need those corrections, I have have reflected that in my expected cost. Also, please make any other adjustments necessary.

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