The firm acts to maximize its total profits

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A firm has demand equation Q = 10 – 2P. The firm must sell an integer quantity of product and charge the same price per unit of product for all units sold. It costs the firm $2 to produce and sell each unit of product that it sells. The firm acts to maximize its total profits. Calculate these: (You MUST show your calculations to receive any credit for your answers: Price per unit__________ quantity of units___________ total profits___________

Reference no: EM131169330

Actual dollars and interest is market rate

(note: for this problem assume that all cash flows are stated in actual dollars and interest is market rate) Nike is considering three mutually exclusive alternatives for an i

Demand function associated with the utility demand functions

Given U (X,Y) = X0.5 + Y0.5 and budget function as I = Px.X + Py.Y where X and Y are 2 goods, I : Income, Px and Py as price of X and Y respectively. Derive Marshalian demand

Risk versus return is an old adage on wall street

Risk versus Return is an old adage on Wall Street. If higher expected returns are a “good” and greater risk of loss is a “bad,” what does a typical investor’s risk-return indi

Re-construct a decision tree to capture the new conditions

Ambassador Automobiles (AA) is not sure of their order of 100 units to Diversitek (D). Based on the market research, there is only a 35% chance that AA purchases the order of

Calculate the current stock price

Abc inc. pays dividends annually. the expected dividend payment in year five is $2. the growth rate, which is currently 10%, is expected to decline linearly over ten years, be

Approximately what exchangerate will the returns

Assume that the U.S. interest rate is 5%, the European interest rate is 2%, andthe future expected exchange rate in 1 year is $1.224. At approximately what exchangerate will t

Determine the shutdown price

Last year, a manufacturer introduced a new product that was a huge success. So the company made the decision to invest an additional $2.8 million for a plastic injection moldi

Market for hand sanitizer is controlled by a monopoly

The U.S. market for hand sanitizer is controlled by a monopoly (firm I, for incumbent) that has a total cost given by TC(qi) = 0.025qi^2. The market demand for hand sanitizer


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