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Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Author - Frederick G. Crane

The Entrepreneurial Marketing Plan (chapter 11)

In very specific terms, map out your marketing opportunity and detail the marketing actions required to exploit this opportunity, effectively and profitably. What are the most important tasks that you must complete to exploit the opportunity?

Reference no: EM131282964

Leave at reduced rate of pay-unemployment compensation law

A computer company experienced a slowdown at work, and allowed a computer engineer to go on leave at a reduced rate of pay, rather than being terminated. The reduced rate of p

What is job evaluation

1) What is job evaluation? What method(s) of job position evaluation does employer use? Explain why. (Remember, "Job Evaluation" is not the same as "Performance Evaluation."

Disputes and disagreements between stakeholders

Conflict is a normal part of the process and the PM must be prepared to deal with it. A project without healthy conflict will fail to realize all the benefits of having a team

Will merged strategy of business

Will a merged strategy of business and technology fundamental change the role of the IT organization within organizations? How do you feel that it will affect the IT professio

How do you measure political influence

How do you measure political influence? What are the advantages and disadvantages of political influence? Is the shaping of public opinion by external influences good or bad f

Strategies for creating well-written-effective reports

Valuing diversity is commonly regarded as a virtue in today's business world. What are some strategies we can use to reflect the value of diversity in our written work? What a

What is the system utilization

Cars arrive at the drive-thru windows at a local fast food at the rate of 4 every 10minutes. The average service time is 2 minutes. The Poisson distribution is appropriate for

Secure patient privacy regarding medical condition

Suggest a procedure that the hospital could utilize in order to secure patient privacy regarding medical condition and treatment plan. Justify your response. Identify the key


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