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Discussion :

The Dynamic Deliverable is the implementation (or proof of implementation) of students' proposed solution.

Previously submitted Dynamic Deliverables include, but are not limited to, websites students developed about their chosen themes, paintings, and a screenshot of the submission to the CDC of a student's proposal.

In the case of the student referenced in the Final Project Product Proposal as an example, for his dynamic deliverable, he submitted an image of his own painting of a melting earth due to climate change.

Sample Dynamic Deliverable

The following sample is from a student who chose the topic of FIU-HWCOM Curriculum Enhancement & Adoption of Communicable Diseases for his Final Project Proposal: Sample Dynamic Deliverable 3Preview the document. He developed a mock curriculum that incorporates courses on Communicable Diseases

Final Project Proposal & Dynamic Deliverable Grade Review SheetPreview the document

The "deliverable(s)" you create will mirror (to some extent) the types of materials your professor will utilize in the course to deliver content in diverse ways-to foster interest & problem/trend/issue analysis, provide additional context, and appeal to varying learning styles, abilities, and preferences of students en route to global awareness, perspective taking, & global engagement.

The Dynamic Deliverable may consist of student-created, original items such as, but not limited to:

Podcasts/Recorded Interview

TED (style) Talk/Speech (video recorded)

Poetry Series Composition

Music Composition & Performance

White-paper for Recommended Policy Change to Those in Power

Public Service Announcement Poster Series/Video Commercial

Product Prototype

Original Photography

Narrative Short Story

Targeted Program Development/Service Delivery Model

Scripted Mini-Movie

Site-Visit Observation, Critique, Formal Improvement Recommendation

Students are also welcome and encouraged to propose solution-commentary-advocacy-activism "deliverable" materials they would like to pursue beyond this list.

Reference no: EM132280675

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