The duty of loyalty and whistleblowing

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"The Duty of Loyalty and Whistleblowing" Please respond to the following:

Analyze the duty of loyalty in whistleblower cases to determine to whom loyalty is owed and who shows the greater duty of loyalty. Support your analysis with specific examples. Then, suggest at least one (1) change to an existing law.
Reexamine the Citizens United decision in Chapter 1, and determine which of the following groups has the greatest free speech rights: corporations, public employees, or private employees. Provide a rationale for your determination.

Reference no: EM13706906

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Great Seneca Inc. sells $100 million worth of 25-year to maturity 13.76% annual coupon bonds. The net proceeds (proceeds after flotation costs) are $992 for each $1,000 bond

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Next year's earnings are estimated to be $6.00. The company plans to reinvest 33% of its earnings at 12%. If the cost of equity is 8%, what is the present value of growth oppo

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Find the appropriate database at your library for searching the psychology literature. Get background information to determine what kinds of publications the database search

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The investor expects to receive $1.5 in dividend a year and $26 from the sales of the stock at the end of year 2. If the investor wants a 15% return (compound annually), wha

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Determine the WACC given the above assumptions. Indicate how these might be useful to determine the feasibility of the capital project. Recommend which is more appropriate to

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If the company uses a majority voting procedure to elect its board, how many votes are requried to elect one director, two directors and a majority of the members of the board

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Your firm is considering an investment that will cost $750,000 today. The investment will produce cash flows of $250,000 in year 1, $300,000 in years 2 through 4, and

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The current prime rate is 6.75 percent, the 30-year Treasury bond yield is 4.41 percent, the three-month Treasury bill yield is 3.50 percent, and the 10-year Treasury note y


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