The direct labor efficiency variance

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The standard direct labor cost for producing one unit of product is 5 direct labor hours at a standard rate of pay of $8. Last month, 5,000 units were produced and 24,500 direct labor hours were actually worked at a total cost of $180,000. The direct labor efficiency variance was 

Reference no: EM13805766

Explain why operating income is different in parts e and f

Assume that the firm adds another product to its product line and that the new product sells for $20 per unit, has variable costs of $14 per unit, and causes fixed expenses in

Explain why the ending inventory balance

Explain why the ending inventory balance (assuming it is not zero) computed under full costing will always be greater than the ending inventory balance computed under variable

Costing choices-process-job and activity-based methods

Pick a costing method: process, job, or activity based. Explain the nature of your chosen method. What types of organizations should choose that method?

Electric zero produces relay units for generators

Electric Zero produces relay units for generators. Each relay has a standard material cost of $67. Standards call for two relays per generator. In July, the company purchased

Using the variable costing income statement

Using the variable costing income statement, calculate the company's break even point in sales dollars and in units. Can the break even point be calculated easily using the fu

What role the accounting profession play in value creation

BUACC2614 Management Accounting Assignment. n your view, what role can the accounting profession play in providing a demonstration of value creation (or diminution) in terms

Calculate cost driver rates for each of five activity areas

He is also keen to understand if there could be any reason why Maria Crane chose to build up inventories. Discuss all relevant points of view, but come to a conclusion as to

Majority of lobbying efforts center around fiscal policy

Discuss opinions on lobbying regarding if it is useful and should continue as is, if it should continue but with constraints to limit how much is done, or it should be elimi


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