The court denies recovery-on what basis

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Joseph, who owns the only pizza parlor in Middletown, learns that Giovanni is about to open a competing pizza parlor in the same small town, just a few blocks from Joseph's restaurant. Joseph offers Giovanni $10,000 in return for Giovanni's promise not to open a pizza parlor in the Middletown area. Giovanni accepts the $10,000 but goes ahead with his plans, in spite of the agreement.. When Giovanni opens his restaurant for business, Joseph sues to enjoin (prevent) Giovanni's continued operation of his restaurant or to recover the $10,000. The court denies recovery. On what basis? (Legality)

Reference no: EM131004860

Under the hypothetical tax code

Under the Hypothetical Tax Code 1 (where the standard deduction and personal exemption still apply), if you earn $72,750.00 a year in total income, then what percentage of you

Amount of revenue raised by the government

Now suppose that, instead of a price ceiling, the government charges an excise tax of $3 per unit. Solve for the new equilibrium price and quantity after this tax is imposed

Events shifts the short-run aggregate-supply curve

Explain whether each of the following events shifts the short-run aggregate-supply curve, the aggregate-demand curve, both, or neither. For each event that does shift a curve,

Comparable interest rate on his common stock investment

Mr. Sansome withdrew &1000 from a savings account and invested it in common stock. At the end of 5 years, he sold the stock for $1207. In the savings account, he would have re

Class to mitigate commodity price volatility risk

How can organizations mitigate commodity price volatility? What factors exist that facilitate or hinder the ability of firms to implement the techniques discussed in class to

Solve for the equilibrium of the labor market

The parameters in this setup are a, l, and f. The parameter l represents the number of hours workers would supply to the market even if the wage were zero. It, therefore, refl

Utility from consuming food and clothing

Bill gets utility from consuming food (F) and clothing (C) represented by the following utility function: U(F,C) = FC + F. The price of food is $1 per unit and the price of cl

The inflation rate-what are the weights

The inflation rate from 2010 to 2011 for a good j is defined to be Ij = (Pj/pj) ? 1, where pj was the price in 2010 and Pj was the price in 2011 (assuming for simplicity that


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