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The class is about Theatre and Cinema, and this is true/false question.
1. In "Top Banana" George Michael works at the Banana stand.
2. In Arrested Development Gob is the oldest sibling.
3. The paper company in The Office is called Dunder Mifflin.
4. In "Threat Level Midnight" they have an ice skating sequence.
5. In "Threat Level Midnight" there is a chase scene in a submarine.
6. In "My Half-Acre" JD's blind date is particularly clumsy.
7. Scrubs was filmed at the Ventura Sacred Heart Hospital.
8. In "My Half-Acre" JD falls off the hospital.
9. In "Top Banana" the Banana stand is lined with diamonds.
10. The British version of The Office is inspired by the American version. 

Reference no: EM13810844

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