The case against public education

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The case against public education" however you don't necessarily need to read the essay to create an argumentative essay probably only for the counter argument but I'm going to send you the first page of the article so that you can choose an argument. The argument can't be like the regular essays that you state the prompt then answer the prompt, the professor gives an example on the notes. My argument is that I am for public education, not against it... so every paragraph consists of 1 example and a connection to the argument (a connection to why I'm for public education because that's my argument) ... you can't have 2 paragraphs on the same example. Make sure that the examples consist of at least economic issues, futuristic issues, etc. The examples can not be based on self experience!! You helped me with my college essay  

Reference no: EM13872582

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Alan cahn

In an organized essay of about 380 words, (1) explain in your own words what the writer is saying AND (2) take a position on the writer's argument. (Issues you might wish to a

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