The appreciation in the dollars exchange value

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The appreciation in the dollar's exchange value from 1980 to 1985 made U.S. products (less/more) expensive and foreign products (less/more) expensive, (decreased, increased) U.S. imports and (decreased, increased) U.S. exports.

Reference no: EM13979243

Write down the set of strategy combinations

Namely, the husband is unhappiest when he is at the opera by himself, he is a little happier when he is with his wife at the opera, he is happier still when he is at the footb

What is the natural rate of unemployment in examplestan

The country of Examplestan has 100,000,000 citizens. 50,000,000 are adults who are employed or are actively seeking work. 2 million have been laid off due to recession 1 milli

Broke all the financial rules begins to fall apart

This is where the story that Country (A) broke all the financial rules begins to fall apart. In a lot of ways, the IMF's intervention was typical. Country (A) sharply reduced

Suppose the growth rate of the firms profit

Suppose the growth rate of the firm's profit is 7 percent, the interest rate is 9 percent, and the current profits of the firm are $90 million. The firm does NOT pay out divid

Its total benefits exceed its total costs

If a project is efficient (its total benefits exceed its total costs), would it be possible to allocate the cost of the project in a manner that would provide net benefits to

Monetary and fiscal policies

The financial crisis of 2008 caused macroeconomists to rethink monetary and fiscal policies. Economists, financial experts, and government policy makers are victims of what fo

Short-run and long-run impacts of decrease in money supply

Use the IS-LM/ AD-AS model to show the short-run and long-run impacts of a decrease in money supply (M) on the real interest rate (r), real GDP (Y), the unemployment rate, inv

Firm total costs during the month

During the previous month, a firm produced 250 tablet devices at an average variable cost of $40 and at an average fixed cost of $10. What were the firm's total costs during


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