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Question 1: As it was discussed in the class materials, people usually learn about, discover, or prove any reality in the following 3 methods: 1. Using sensory perceptions, 2. logical inference, and 3. reliance on expert testimony of credible witnesses. Review these 3 methods in the class material and determine for each method whether (yes) it can be used for the purpose of exploring/confirming the existence of God, or (no) it cannot be used. If your answer is "Yes", explain how it can be used; and if your answer is "No", explain why it cannot be used. Provide your explanations for each method in a separate paragraph. 

Question2: The creed of faith in Islam rejects all kinds of other gods and declares Allah as the only God. Nine types of deities/gods that many people associate with God and worship them besides God or instead of God were discussed in class.

Part A: Describe the reasoning and logic of Islam for rejectingthe following four types of those entities: Other people, Oneself, Science, and Wealth.Thereasoning and logic for each of these four types should be describedin a separate paragraph explainingwhy Islam emphasizes that one should not worship them or should not totally depend on them like depending onAllah. 

Part B: Which two of those nine typesof gods are the most common during these days, and how?

Question 3: Prophet Muhammad lived a historical and exemplary life that made him a role model for all Muslims and many other people.

A: Among all kinds of issues that the prophetencountered during his prophethood, identify onlytwo major and specific issues that caught your attention the most - one issue in Makkah periodandone issue in Madinah period. Explaineach issue and how the prophet resolved it.

B: The pagan leaders were doing a lot of propaganda against the prophet in the Makkah period. Which of those propaganda items are still seen in the media and literature of current times about the prophet, and how?If none, in what other negative ways the prophet's character or his message is portrayed in the current media?

C: The last sermon of the prophet is a historical speech in Islamic history.Identify two points of that speech thatare the most important onesin your view, and describe their relevance to today's world.

Reference no: EM13854063

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