Test concerning proportions

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Test Concerning Proportions

1. Twenty one out of 100 randomly selected women said they use seat belts, while 117 out of 180 men said the same. Test the claim that men are more safety conscious than women based one the use of seat belts at a 0.01 level of significance. Construct a 99% confidence interval to test the claim.

2. Labor statistics indicate that 88 out of 100 cashiers and servers are women. A random sample of cashiers and servers in a large city indicate that 124 of 150 cashiers and 200 of 250 servers are women. Is there a significant difference in the proportion of servers and proportion of cashiers who are women at 0.05 level of significance?

Reference no: EM131083975

Determining the number of employees

The state office of Australia Post believed that mail throughput at suburban post offices increases with the number of employees. From a random sample of ten major suburban

Develop a model to predict gasoline usage

A US consumer lobby wishes to develop a model to predict gasoline usage, as measured by miles per gallon, based on the weight of the car in pounds. The Excel data file conta

Explore the history of the issue

This project is intended to explore the history of the issue, changes that have occurred and how those changes impact Quality in an organization. The usage of current and hi

Problem regarding the normal density curve

Find endpoint(s) on the given normal density curve with the given property: Explain how you got your answer please. (a) The area to the right of the endpoint on a N(50, 4.7)

Calculate the test statistic correct

1. State the direction of the alternative hypothesis used to test the state office's belief. Type gt (greater than), ge (greater than or equal to), lt (less than), le (less

An iid sequence of exponential random variables

X1,..., Xn is an iid sequence of exponential random variables, each with expected value 5. (a) What is Var[M9(X)], the variance of the sample mean based on nine trials?

A binary bit stream over an m-psk system

Continuing Problem 8.4.9, in the mapping of the bit sequence b2b1b0 to the symbols si, we wish to determine the probability of error for each input bit bi. Let qi denote the p

Simulation to estimate the probability of symbol error

In Problem 8.4.5, we used simulation to estimate the probability of symbol error. For transmitting a binary bit stream over an M-PSK system, we set each M = 2N and each tran


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