Technology transfer and extension programmes in caribbean

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Discuss the various organizational settings for Technology Transfer and Extension programmes in the Caribbean. In each case, specify which functions are combined and give examples

Reference no: EM13183857

Farmers field school

With reference to the "Farmers Field School (FFS)": Briefly describe the main steps in conducting a FFS(40%). Give the rationale for the approach including principles on which

Correct step in the scientific method

Your weekly budget for the five-day workweek is twenty dollars. Lunch costs $2.00 per day, drinks $1.00. Gasoline for commuting to work costs 10.00 for the week.

Desire to boost short-term sales

The author argues that coca-cola and general motors sponsor sports for reasons that go beyond the desire to boost short-term sales. he says thay are interested in using sports

Dealing with real property

When dealing with real property, parties acquire property rights to estates in land. Identify and explain each of the various concurrent ownership interests in real property.

Enforceable traditional contract or an e-contract

What are the four elements necessary to form an enforceable traditional contract or an e-contract? What affect does lack of contractual capacity have on any of the three eleme

People in the US are totally freaked out by NAFTA

A lot of people in the US are totally freaked out by NAFTA. Given the disputes over its benefits and costs and the politics related to the issue, what do you think will happen

Potential logs files in some handheld OS

List all potential logs files in some handheld OS (WinCE, Palm, or any other handheld device OS) that may be used for forensic purposes. Also discuss how can you analyze them

Terrorist attack on northwest airline flight

Research the December 25th failed terrorist attack on Northwest Airline Flight 253 and discuss how intelligence failed to prevent this attack. How could similar attacks be pre


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