Technological changes or other societal evolutions

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Organizational Structure Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to find one business magazine article about functional or hierarchical organizational structure and management modes and one article about matrix organizational structure and management modes. Supply links for both of your articles in your initial post. Answer the following questions in the forum:

Based on the articles you read, how will organizational structure continue to evolve?

Is it impacted by technological changes or other societal evolutions?

How does organizational structure inform and impact management strategies?

Which organizational chart and management mode do you think is most effective?

Does it depend on industry, company mission, target customers, or any other factors?

Reference no: EM13962029

Examine the culture of the selected organization

Examine the culture of the selected organization. What type of work culture do they have. Explain how you determined that the selected organization showed the signs of th

Eliminated full health benefits for retirees

General Dynamics and the United Auto Workers entered into a new contract that eliminated full health benefits for retirees under the age of 50. Before that, General Dynamics h

Community on the importance of vaccination

Determine the factors needed to form a committee to educate the community on the importance of vaccination among children? What factors would contribute to your selections and

Determine the three sigma control limits

Jim's Outfitters, Inc., makes custom fancy shirts for cowboys. The shirts could be flawed in various ways, including flaws in the weave or color of the fabric, loose buttons o

Estimate the standard deviation of the process

An X control chart was set up based on subgroups of size n = 5. The UCL is 120. The LCL is 80. The centerline is 100. Estimate the following: Estimate the standard deviation o

Decided to improve supply chain structure

Suppose management has decided to improve supply chain structure. How would you decide which of the five approaches to structure improvement to use. Describe your type of comp

Cable tv companies typically exhibited the characteristics

Twenty years ago, cable tv companies typically exhibited the following characteristics: They were granted the exclusive right to provide cable service to customers in a partic

Difference between acceptable quality limits-zero defects

List and describe the four key elements of TQM. You should write at least three complete sentences describing each benefit. Describe the difference between AQL (acceptable qua


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